Loving and Intimate 

 Christmas Countdown..



24 Days of Love & Intimacy 

We all crave for connection with ourselves, with each other and with the Universe. Life without connection feels chaotic, empty, lonely and sad. 

What if this December you won't eat chocolate from the advent calendar but instead focus on healing yourself and your relationships? Or you can do both for sure if you wish! Making plans, reservations, cooking, baking, buying presents, being stressed about spending so much money… Does this sound familiar concerning Christmas - “the most magical time of the year”? I am personally tired of “Ego Christmas” and crave something deeper.

I want to lean inwards and connect with myself and also create deeper connections with my loved ones.

I want to get truly intimate with my partner and fully enjoy our relationship.

I want to give love and receive love.

I want to build a strong energy body that makes me radiate.

I want to attract the things I manifest.

Do you want to join me and create "The Universe for Love & Intimacy"?


Join to "The Universe for Love & Intimacy".

24 Days of Love & Intimacy is for you if you:

Want to try something different.

Want peace of mind.

Want to feel real joy.

Want to be loving towards yourself.

Want to feel true intimacy and connection.

Want to radiate beauty from within.

Want to heal your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Want to clear the old that doesn't serve you any longer.

Want to create room for new to come in.

Are ready for your own magic.


24 Days of Love & Intimacy is NOT for you if you:

Want to give and receive love through expensive presents.

Drink and party to feel alive.

Spend lots of money to look good on the outside.

Stress through the festive season.

Treat yourself by overeating and then feel guilty by doing so.

Do the same old thing, year after year...

Survive alone.

Don't believe in magic or you want to search it from outside of you. 


Can you commit to dedicating a moment of your day to your healing through love and intimacy by doing small exercises, practices, meditations, rituals and so on? This won't require too much of your daily time – view it rather as your new daily routine. A small moment can have a big positive impact on both yourself and the people around you.

But be aware that daily practices are not just you being in zen! True love and intimacy mean total self-acceptance with all the good and all the bad. Its about being REAL. That is why we also go into the dark side of you to see how, for example, feelings that we see as negative, like anger, shame and sadness, can be turned into your power. When we look into our shadows we will get to the light.    

What 24 Days of Love & Intimacy consists of?

  • Welcome video – Love & Intimacy.
  • Loving Facebook community called "The Universe for Love & Intimacy" where you will find the daily practice.
  • Each day a short practice, exercise, meditation, ritual or task as post, video or voice recording.
  • Live call every Sunday for deep dive and chance to connect with each other (recording will be posted to the group).
  • Christmas Special and gift on 24th of December.
  • Surprises and gifts on the way.
  • Opportunity to ask questions in the group and in live calls.

Group will stay open so that you can get back to the material later on. As I don't want to ruin the magic of the unknown I am not going to reveal the details of the program. I can promise that you will have a chance to connect with yourself and your desires, clear the old and let go of the things that doesn't serve you any longer and to make space for the new to show up. You will get to try different kinds of Tantric and other practices, put focus on your relationship, or calling in your soulmate love, or just put all the focus on yourself. We are not going to forget to have some fun!

I know that not everyone can invest in high value 1:1 coaching or even group coaching programs, so I wanted to create something affordable as an easy way to get started with your love and intimacy journey. Is there a better time than the Christmas time to do just that?

Intimacy is not just for having successful relationships. When you can be intimate with yourself you can be much more clear about your own needs, wants and desires. When we learn to practice self-reflection and to understand projection we can find peace with ourselves and in our relationships. Into me you see. In to you I see.

When you sign in you will get access to the Facebook Group "The Universe for Love & Intimacy" where everything will be posted. Live Calls will happen in Zoom. 


Early Bird price until 27th of November: 49€

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: Secret to happy life is in giving. Join before 29th of November and bring your friend for free. Once you purchase you will be sent a secret code and you can sign your friend in for free. 

Standard Price until 1st of December: 59€

Are you ready for true love and intimacy - with yourself and with others?  

Join to "The Universe for Love & Intimacy".

I am trained in Tantric Sex, Love and Relationships, Self-Love, Mastering Your Life and Holistic Health.  

Let's create together

"The Universe for Love & Intimacy"

shall we?


Before my career as a Love & Intimacy Coach I did many years of deep diving into holistic health. I could say I have a PhD in healing work. When you have your health you have many goals. When you lose your health you only have one goal – to be healthy again. I lost mine for over a decade and fought my way back into holistic health and happiness. I became master of my own life and an expert on how to live a passionate life, love yourself truly, nourish yourself with exercise and food, work with your mind, do embodiment and breath-work practices, heal your spirit and soul, have Tantra as your way of life, create conscious relationships, celebrate your beautiful sexuality and use it as magic and healing and have business that is deeply aligned with your values.

I found my “WHY”

 - Helping others to transform their life as I didn't use all these years just to make it myself. -


My coaching is based on science and Tantric philosophy. I have worked and studied with high level transformational leaders and mentors and travelled all over the world as well as worked online to coach women, men, couples and groups. I'm a pleasure researcher, spiritualist, intuitive, lady boss, mother, sports lover and mad in love & intimacy. 

My passion is to take you deep into yourself so that you can make your own realisations. Your body is your best tool to experiment so you never need to just take my word for it. I am done with shallow. In my life I have tried many tools, educations, courses and therapies. I went from the basic self-development tools all the way into spiritual tools and psychedelics. I wanted answers. I wanted freedom. I wanted to understand life. Now I feel I have found the tools to do so. My journey with my own growth will last forever as I feel that is the meaning of life. 

You can find a chapter about my own life transformation from a bestselling book, The Door to Inner Happiness. Before my coaching career I was 11 years in international business world. Now I follow my hearts desire by helping people to connect deeply with themselves and with others and live a life of joy by embracing all aspects of life. 

I was fragile. When I found my true power true to.

Let me in to "The Universe of Love & Intimacy".